About Us


About Us

What is Microschool?

  • Small class sizes; very individualized and hands-on instruction.
  • Highly personalized education that caters to a child’s unique needs and capabilities.
  • Project-based learning and with emphasis on digital.
  • Multiple ages learn together in a single classroom.
  • Teachers act more as guides than lecturers.

Our Commitment To Your Child

  • Encourage a lifelong love of learning.
  • A loving and safe environment.
  • Develop an insightful appreciation for economic, political and religious freedoms.
  • Discover the enormous wonders of the physical world and learn to use their talents to solve everyday challenges.

“The children of today will make all the discoveries of tomorrow. All the discoveries of mankind will be known to them and they will improve what has been done and make fresh discoveries. They must make all the improvements in houses, cities, communication, methods of production, etc. that are to be made. The future generation must not only know how to do what we can teach them, they must be able to go a step further. ” – Maria Montessori

What to Expect

Upon entering The Anchored School studio, learners’ engagement with materials & communication is immediately visible. Our educational guides are committed to organizing classrooms based on the needs of individual learners. With an abundance of eco-friendly and intellectually stimulating materials as well as furniture that invites individual and group interaction, we believe in learning methods that allow children to discover at their own pace. The integrity of each learner as a classmate, learner, and guide is greatly valued and strongly reinforced.

Diversity and Multiculturalism

In a society which is ever changing and highly multicultural, we recognize the importance of retaining learners, families and faculty from diverse cultural backgrounds. The Anchored School welcomespeople of all religions, races, colors, and nationalities. We invite all to contribute to our practice of Christian based standards and encourage our faculty to create experiences, which will allow children to make discoveries about themselves as well as their peers. Our approach to learning celebrates all learners and their culture.

Daily Schedules

At The Anchored School, the studios are the center stage for all learning activities. One of the most important steps in development is feeling confident enough to take risks. To step outside of our comfort zone and have experiences which promote growth and meaningful habits of a successful lifelong learner. We believe that it takes a multitude of personalities and educators to be able to build this confidence in a child. This is why it is important that throughout the day learners visit educational classes that are specifically equipped for each subject area. With their homeroom teacher present, learners spend their days involved with the entire Anchored Team as opposed to one specific teacher. All learners begin their day with their homeroom teacher and then travel to each subject specialist focusing on areas such as language & literacy, music, art and physical education. All classes begin at 9:00 a.m.

Our Faculty

With such a large and diverse staff, we encourage you to come in and meet each of our educators. Our preschool educational guides are certified in Elementary & Early Childhood Education. Many of them have over 15 years of experience in working with young learners. To learn more about their qualifications and experiences, please call us!

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