Some answers to frequently asked questions are listed below. Further details are provided in depth through our Parent/Family Guidebooks.

If you have further questions, contact us.

What grades do you offer?2023-08-14T12:32:16+00:00

The Anchored Schools serves students who are Pre-K through 4th grade with plans to expand to 8th grade.

What ages does your Nursery provide care and learning to?2023-08-14T12:49:13+00:00

Our Nursery serves infants through 3 years of age.

What is your school’s philosophy on education?2023-08-14T12:48:06+00:00

We believe that regardless of age, each child deserves an educational journey that is tailored to their strengths and individual developmental abilities.

Will children be grouped by age?2023-08-14T12:49:51+00:00

At the Anchored School, we believe that children learn best by being with others who are younger and older. At our Nursery we group infants and toddlers based off of their developmental abilities.

Do you perform background checks for your Guides and Education Team?2023-08-14T12:50:11+00:00

Yes, anyone working with a child in our Nursery or Elementary program must complete a background check and physical health screening.

Are your premises monitored by video surveillance?2023-08-14T12:50:33+00:00

Yes, there are video surveillance cameras placed throughout the entire premises.

Are Visitors permitted to enter the school?2023-08-14T12:50:50+00:00

All visitors must comply with our visitation policy and check in with the main office. For security purposes we do not post our visitation policies online.

Do you provide meals and snacks to children?2023-08-14T12:51:11+00:00

Yes, our kitchen prepares fresh meals and snacks to all children. Children are also permitted to bring their own school lunch or snacks,

What is the difference between a Guide and Teacher?2023-08-14T12:55:36+00:00

A teacher is a person telling the child what information they should know- a guide is a person helping a child discover information in their own way.

Are your Staff members fully trained in CPR/FirstAide?2023-08-14T12:52:11+00:00


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