Our Courses


Our Courses

Language & Literacy

Exposes learners to high levels of literacy. Promoting language development while providing purposeful activities in thinking, speaking, listening, reading and writing. Whole and small group instruction prepares learners for the activities that extend the concepts and skills that they have already been exposed to.


In Math class, our children practice their abilities to actively solve problems, become familiar with patterns, and explore mathematical activities, which support higher-level thinking.

Social Studies

Social studies class focuses on the world around us both from a geographical viewpoint and social and emotional stance. Here learners experience the world by traveling with classmates throughout the U.S. and our neighboring nations. They are encouraged to think critically while examining the interconnections among social, economic and environmental issues.


Our learners are taken on a journey of detection that allows them to wonder, question and discover using their senses. The magic of science and exploration activities challenge learners’ everyday thinking, while encouraging them to enhance their reasoning skills.


Our one stop for library and interactive computer experiences. In the technology class learners will be exposed to dual language lessons, as well as interactive software that allows them to enhance their skills in math, reading, and writing. Our interactive Smart Board exposes children to higher levels of technology at a developmentally appropriate pace.


Our history and biblical curriculum takes a general Christian worldview and does not focus specifically on any one particular church but instead a high moral character and basic Bible principles such as kindness, gratitude, honesty, humility and prayer.

“I am amazed by my daughter’s ability to read and write at such a young age! I have noticed such a growth in her verbal communication skills and ability to hold intelligent conversations! She is doing math facts that my 7 year old is learning!!!”

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