Enrichment Programs


Our day to day enrichment programs allow learners to pursue a special interest that’s outside of the typical educational curriculum. They boost children’s social skills and encourage superior academic performance. Enrichment activities also offer learners the opportunity to develop closer friends, build teamwork and
problem-solving skills.

Our Enrichment Programs

Spanish Language Study​

The younger that children are exposed to diverse languages, the more natural it will be for them. This is a skill that has practical advantages all throughout life. Beyond the practical applications of knowing more than one language, children will also embrace and appreciate different cultures.

Lego® Robotics

LEGO® Robotics programs break down complex STEM concepts into hands-on lessons for kids of all ages. They improve children’s ability to apply scientific concepts to real-life projects and create tangible results and help our children to connect science to positive experiences while having a lot of fun!

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts classes can give learners guided instruction as well as access to a much wider array of materials. It keeps our children’s creative minds active. Research has found that art classes can help manage behaviors, alleviate stress and induce relaxation.

Music and Dance

Children learn how to play an instrument, which develops many skill sets simultaneously. They listen to the music, read the notes, and play cords all at once. Learners will become more equipped to multitask, while vocals teach cooperation, rhythm, and help them to be more expressive and build confidence. Dancing provides an outlet for our children’s pent-up energy. It is a fun and healthy way to get your child active and introduce them to discipline and collaboration while cultivating their creativity.

​Physical Education & Yoga

Gymnastic Jungle provides an indoor release for children. Here they will develop and refine their gross and fine motor skills. While engaging in a variety of sporting activities, such as our “jungle rockclimbing wall”, children will enhance their cooperative learning abilities and build their physical strength. Children will also engage in yoga exercises, which have been proven to help strengthen muscles while focusing the mind.

Cooking Classes

Learning how to cook is a skill that will serve children well all throughout their lives. Beyond the practical aspect of being able to feed oneself, these classes teach about nutrition and will help cultivate an appreciation for a wide range of healthy food options.

Educational & Exploratory Field Trip Program

Educational & exploratory field trip programs have a positive, lasting impact on children’s education and career. Enriching field trips help to keep our children more engaged, intellectually curious, and interested in and out of the classroom. Real world exploration outside the classroom helps bolster a child’s critical thinking skills. They also build independence as well and provide children with unique opportunities.

Community Services

It’s never too early to teach children about social and humanitarian issues. Studies show that children who participate in service-learning experiences that allow them to engage with the community and provide time for reflection are more likely to score better on exams and be more motivated to do well in school.

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